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Model-Free Adaptive Control for Semiconductor Processes & Tools

Semiconductor Apps
MFA Controller Types
MFA Benefits
Furnace - Multi-zone temperature control (low temp).
Deposition - Vacuum, gas flow, and pressure control.
Etching - Chemical composition, pH, and flow control.
CMP - Slurry flow and pressure control.
RTP - High-speed temp control.
ALD - low and vapor delivery.
Motion - High-speed adaptive & accurate motion control.

SISO MFA to replace PID and eliminate manual tuning.
Nonlinear MFA to control nonlinear processes.
MIMO MFA to control multivariable systems.
Anti-delay MFA to control processes with large time delays.
Feedforward MFA to deal with measurable disturbances.
MFA pH to control pH processes.

High yield achieved by fast and accurate control to reach setpoint.
Fast time-to-market for new product R&D since no process models are required.
Lower operating costs and longer up time by eliminating controller manual tuning.
Efficient use of tools due to minimal calibration and conditioning.
Best "cost of ownership" achieved when embedding MFA in your tools.

The Inside of Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) Control
MFA Features
MFA Inside Story
Key Points
Controls complex systems
Adaptive weighting factors are updated in every sample interval to minimize error e(t).
Requires no precise process models Robust
Provides a wider robust range than PID and many other controllers.
Requires no process identification Speed
No time consuming model training; controls process immediately.
Requires no controller design Stability
Guarantees closed-loop stability for passive processes.
Requires no complicated manual tuning Ease of Use
Easy to configure, launch, and maintain.

MFA Control Products for Semiconductor Industry
CyboSoft Partnership Principle
Embedded MFA
OEM Partners and Tool Builders
CyboCon Software
Off the shelf software for PC/Windows.
MFA Control Toolset software for National Instruments' LabVIEW.

  1. Physik Instrumente   (PI) piezomotor &   nano-positioners.

  2. Please contact us   for more information.


 • Team up with the leader in each market segment or application area.
 • Sincerely assist our partner to be successful.
 • Build a long-term win-win relationship.
CyboSoft Partnership Criteria
 • Synergy.
 • Partner seeks competitive advantage by improving automatic control.
 • Significant return-on-investment.



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