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MFA Loop Controller for a Cleaner Earth

What's New
What’s the Big Deal
What’s the Benefit
MFA Loop Controller for controlling small processes and equipment with difficult control loops.
A great OEM product for its all-in-one design, powerful control, HMI, and communication capabilities, ease of use features, and affordable price.
Saves energy, chemicals, and manpower. Quick return-on-investment (ROI) within weeks. A no risk investment.
7 Inch Aluminum Panel.
32bit RISC 200MHz CPU.
64MB Flash.
800x480 resolution.
64K color touch screen.
8 AI (4-20mA, 0-10V).
4 AO (4-20mA).
8 DI (24V optical isolated).
4 DO (220VAC, 30VDC).
1 Ethernet, 2 Serial, 2 USB.

Model-Free Adaptive Control
MFA Controllers at a Glance
Features and Specifications
MFA controls the processes that are too difficult for PID controllers to handle. MFA is the only "No Model" advanced controller on the market that can control complex systems without the use of first-principle mathematical models or dynamic modeling based models. Once installed, no controller parameter tuning is required.

Better control means improved process stability, higher production efficiency and yield, consistent product quality, and reduced material and energy waste.

Includes 6 standard MFA controllers:

  • SISO MFA to replace PID to eliminate manual tuning,
  • Nonlinear MFA to control extremely nonlinear processes,
  • Anti-delay MFA to control processes with large time delays,
  • MFA pH to control pH processes,
  • Robust MFA to force PV to stay within defined bounds, and
  • Feedforward MFA to compensate for measurable disturbances
  • Configurable MFA and PID control.
  • Dynamic, logic, calculation blocks.
  • Trends, faceplates, historical data.
  • Optional HMI software.
  • Size: 222×160×47mm, WT: 1.42Kg.
  • Cutout dimension: 208x150mm.
  • Working Temp: 0 to 50 deg C.
  • Storage Temp: -20 to 70 deg C.

    Suitable Control Applications:
  • Water pH, ORP, and Turbidity,
  • Combustion and temp of small boilers, ovens, furnaces, and HE,
  • Density, temp, moisture and level of food processing equipment, etc.

The Inside of Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) Control

MFA Features
MFA Inside Story
Key Points
Controls complex systems
Adaptive weighting factors are updated in every sample interval to minimize error e(t).
Requires no precise process models Robust
Provides a wider robust range than PID and many other controllers.
Requires no process identification Speed
No time consuming model training; controls process immediately.
Requires no controller design Stability
Guarantees closed-loop stability for passive processes.
Requires no complicated manual tuning Ease of Use
Easy to configure, launch, and maintain.
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