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  We are living in a very exciting time as the world is entering the 4th Industrial Revolution that will have a fundamental impact on the way we live, work, and relate to each other. Today's Megatrend shows a picture of having smart phone, smart factory, smart grid, smart homes, and smart everything enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) as well as smart sensors, smart controllers, and smart actuators.

CyboSoft's Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) controller is the only commercially successful "Smart Controller" that does not require mathematical models. It really belongs in the Smart Era. CyboSoft is focusing on the following go-to-market strategies to meet the increasing demand of the smart world:
  • Releasing a number of Real-Time Process Model and Control Simulation Software products in its virtual plant software family that can be purchased from CyboSoft's online store or National Instruments' Tools Network store, where a 30-day trial version is available.
  • Working with strategic partners to embed appropriate MFA control software into partner's devices, robotics, equipment, appliances, systems, and things of IoT to achieve smart, adaptive, and robust control performance.

Strategic Partners

At CyboSoft, we believe our contribution to the Smart World is in bringing the MFA control technology to market via partners who want to differentiate themselves while offering greater value to their customers.

Our customers see a great benefit when CyboSoft teams with their preferred providers of measurement and control solutions to make our unique technology available on the platforms in which they have already invested.

CyboSoft is proud of bringing major values and benefits to our customers, partners, and industry. MFA delivers predictable economic results in terms of
  • Most efficient use of energy and materials,
  • Minimal human interaction or downtime,
  • Six sigma or zero defect quality,
  • Max production yield and minimum waste and pollution,
  • Enabling technology for high-tech processes, devices and equipment, and competitive advantages.
Through partnerships, CyboSoft is in the process of embedding or integrating MFA controllers in more and more instruments, equipment, tools, software platforms, devices, and automation systems of brand-name suppliers in targeted industries, application areas, and market segments.
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