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Forest Products
Operating Unit / Process What to Control Why Is It Difficult Which MFA to Use
Steam Generators or Boilers

Application Sheet
Steam temp and pressure Large steam load changes Robust MFA
Steam drum level Inverse-action 3-Element Anti-delay + FF MFA
Combustion Fuel type changes result in combustion efficiency changes SISO MFA
Evaporators for black liquid recovery

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Density Interaction to level MIMO MFA
Level Interaction to density MIMO MFA
Pulp production

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Consistency Interaction to level MIMO MFA
Level Interaction to consistency MIMO MFA
Rotary kilns (Calcinier)

Application Sheet
Outlet temperature Large time delays Anti-delay MFA
Large load changes Feedforward MFA
Combustion Optimal fuel-air-ratio SISO MFA
Paper machine

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Quality variables (thickness, basis weight, etc.) Large time delays Anti-delay MFA
Product spec changes FF Trim MFA
Wastewater treatment

Application Sheet
pH control Large gain changes in Log scale, large delay time MFA pH or Anti-delay MFA pH

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Moisture Large time delays Anti-delay MFA
Temperature Large load changes FB/FF MFA
Paper dying process

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Paper color A combined control and optimization problem Anti-inverse MFA
pH inner loop High accuracy pH control MFA pH
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