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Oil & Gas
Operating Unit / Process What to Control Why Is It Difficult Which MFA to Use
Oil recovery boilers
Application Sheet
Steam dryness Quality variable with large time delays Anti-delay MFA
Combustion Optimal fuel-air-ratio SISO MFA
Gas pipeline

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Gas pressure Keep pressure within a boundary to avoid tripping High-speed Robust MFA
Oil-gas-water separators
Application Sheet - Oil
Application Sheet - Gas
Water level Minimize water level and keep it from running dry Robust MFA
Pressure Nonlinear Nonlinear MFA
Oil level Multivariable MIMO MFA
Municipal gas grids

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Gas pressure Multivariable with large and varying time delays SISO or MIMO Anti-delay MFAs
Gas well Gas flow Nonlinear Nonlinear MFA
Gas storage facility

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Gas temperature Large time delay Anti-delay MFA
Oil well drilling equipment

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Weight High-speed, large Tau/T Ratio High-speed Anti-delay MFA
Weight inner-loop High-speed nonlinear High-speed Nonlinear MFA
Gas compressors

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Speed High-speed nonlinear High-speed Nonlinear MFA
Wastewater treatment
Application Sheet
pH Control Large gain changes in Log scale, large delay time MFA pH or
Anti-delay MFA pH
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