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Operating Unit / Process What to Control Why Is It Difficult Which MFA to Use
Rapid thermal processing equipment (RTP)

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Zone temperatures High-speed nonlinear multivariable High-speed Nonlinear MFA + Feedforward MFA
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

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Slurry flow Nonlinear Nonlinear MFA
Pressure loops Nonlinear multivariable Nonlinear + Feedforward MFA
Deposition systems

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Gas flow Nonlinear multivariable Nonlinear + Feedforward MFA
Vacuum pressure Nonlinear multivariable Nonlinear MFA
Proto-typing of apparatus and equipment Temp, pressure, flow, motion control Frequent changes of proto-type design result in system dynamic changes Mixed MFAs
Wastewater treatment

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pH Control Large gain changes in Log scale, large delay time MFA pH or Anti-delay MFA pH
Chemical concentration of wet-bath pH Control High accuracy pH control MFA pH or Anti-delay MFA pH
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