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Techniques for Adaptive Control

Edited by Vance J. VanDoren, Ph.D., P.E.
Control Engineering Magazine

Techniques for adaptive control compiles chapters from a team of expert contributors that allow readers to gain a perspective into a number of different approaches to adaptive control. In order to do this, each contributor provides an overview of a particular product, how it works, and reasons why a user would want it as well as an in-depth explanation of their particular method.

This is one of the latest technologies to emerge in the process control field. These latest control methodologies offer a means to transform plant and process efficiency, response time, and profitability by allowing a process to be regulated without human intervention.

Rather than the common adademic-based approach that books on this subject generaly take, the contributions here outline practical applications of adaptive control technology allowing for a real look inside the industry and the new technologies available.

Chapter 4 of this book is titled Model-Free Adaptive Control with CyboCon, contributed by CyboSoft Chairman and CTO Dr. George Cheng. It discusses model-free adaptive (MFA) control theory and includes detailed information regarding the concept, architecture, and algorithms of MFA control.


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