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CyboCon Standard

CyboCon MFA Control Software – Standard Edition is designed to include the most popular MFA controllers for solving various typical control problems.

1. The number and type of MFA controllers are packaged to fit popular applications.

2. CyboCon includes the following MFA controllers and dynamic blocks.

SISO Controller

  • MFA Standard, MFA Turbo, and MFA Sharp Controller
  • Nonlinear MFA Controller
  • MFA pH Controller
  • Robust MFA Controller
  • Time-varying MFA Controller
  • Anti-delay MFA pH Controller
  • Flex-phase MFA Controller
  • Feedforward MFA Control
  • MFA Trim Control
  • PID Standard, PID Error-Squared, and PID Anti-Windup Controller

MIMO Controller

  • Decoupling MIMO MFA Controller
  • Anti-delay MFA Controller
  • Combined MIMO MFA Controller
  • Feedforward MFA Control
  • MFA Trim Control

Dynamic Block

  • Integrator
  • Lead-Lag
  • Second-Order Filter

  • First-Order Lag Plus Delay
  • Linear
  • Controlled Ramping

Signal Generator

  • Ramping
  • Sine Wave
  • Square Wave
  • Sawtooth Wave

  • Loader
  • White Noise
  • Version

Signal Selector

  • Ratio
  • High Select
  • Low Select

  • Middle Select
  • Limit

Calculation Block

  • Split Range Output
  • Absolute Value
  • Exponent

  • Ln and Log
  • Square and Square Root
  • Multiply and Divide


3. The sealed CyboCon package contains:

  • CyboCon software CD,
  • Book - MFA in Control with CyboCon,
  • End User License Agreement (Request a copy of the agreement).
  • Hardkey for copy protection, and
  • Registration form.

4. CyboCon Capabilities and Features

  • Easy Configuration for all controllers, no special design is required,
  • Auto-generation of control screen with faceplates, trends, etc.,
  • Easy start up for all controllers, no special bump test is required,
  • Bumpless transfer for all controllers,
  • Error dead band setting to avoid frequent valve movement,
  • Setpoint tracking for bumpless transfer from manual to auto,
  • Output tracking variable setting for open-loop backup and output tracking,
  • Process Kit included for online simulation, and
  • System security and password protection.

How to Order CyboCon: Please contact CyboSoft or its authorized VAR, distributor, or partner.









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