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CyboLink HMI Interface

CyboLink HMI Interface is a set of software drivers that provide reliable connections between CyboCon and all major HMI (human-machine interface) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) sofware packages through an API (application program interface) tool kit provided by HMI software vendors.

Supported software includes:
  • Aimax by TA Engineering,
  • Cimplicity by GE Fanuc,
  • Citect by Ci Technologies,
  • CyboMax by CyboSoft,
  • Fix, Fix Dynamics, and iFix by Intellution,
  • Intouch by Wonderware,
  • ONSPEC by ONSPEC Automation Solutions, and
  • PI by OSI Software.
All CyboLink HMI Interface software modules are included in the CyboSoft CD. CyboLink HMI is an optional add-on product to CyboCon. The CyboCon hardkey has to be “I/O Enabled” in order to support the interface program. Check with CyboSoft for a list of currently supported HMI/SCADA packages and their versions at
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