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Model-Free Adaptive Controller Tuning and Recipe Management

Welcome to CyboTune! CyboTune is an MFA controller tuning and recipe management software that enhances the capability of the CyboCon software for automatically controlling critical process variables in flexible production systems.

Running with CyboCon, CyboTune can reset the parameters of MFA controllers based on batch or recipe switches. When the MFA controllers are dynamically placed in their new nominal positions, they can cover an extremely wide operating range. This provides an unprecedented level of production flexibility for continuous and semi-continuous processes.

The combined solution of CyboCon and CyboTune should not be confused with existing PID replacements, which do not provide an effective solution for changing production requirements.

Flexible Production in Continuous Process

Today's market demands are causing manufacturers in the process industries to take a critical look at their production strategies, and to seek new methods for improving efficiency and product quality. In order to remain competitive, these companies need to revolutionize their plants with flexible production systems that can provide JIT manufacturing.

However, the challenge to implement such a system in a process environment is quite different than in the discrete industry. In a process environment, it is difficult to change production configurations because of the resulting major disturbances in energy and material balance. The consequences of such disturbances can include:

• Problems involving system safety, productivity, and product quality;
• Lengthy period for process settling and recovery of balance; and
• Control difficulties due to changes in process dynamics, delay time, load, and system environment.

Although highly desirable, flexible production systems are not popular among process users because of the associated problems.

CyboCon's Model-Free Adaptive controllers and CyboTune allow automatic control of processes with significant changes in gain, dynamics and dead-time, and provide smooth startup and transitions between batches and recipes changes. As a result, process manufacturers are able to achieve "zero defects" or "six sigma" quality goals.

• Production schedules,
• Schedule triggers based on start, stop, time, and recipe number,
• Recipe to change setpoint, output, Auto/Manual and MFA controller parameters,
• Event Recorder,
• Easy monitoring of all CyboCon controllers, Blocks, and their key parameters,
• Trends for all CyboCon controllers,
• Change of parameter for all key MFA controllers: SISO, MIMO, Anti-delay, Nonlinear, pH, and Time-varying MFA controllers,
• runs on MS Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Windows 7,
• interfaces to major PLCs, DCSs, and HMI software.



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