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 CyboCon Software
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   • High-Speed
   • pH Control
 CyboCon CE Instrument
 CyboCon Dragon
 CyboTune Software
 CyboCon Interfaces
   • CyboLink OPC Client
   • CyboLink HMI
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   • DDE/NetDDE
 CyboLink API Toolkit
 Embedded MFA
   • MFA in ControlWave
   • CyboCon IPm
 MFA Toolset for LabVIEW
   • Standard
   • Professional
   • Motion Control
 MFA Toolbox for MATLAB
 Process Modeling &
 Control Simulation


CyboCon and CyboCon HS Software

CyboSoft offers its flagship Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control software CyboCon and CyboCon HS (high-speed) in a PC/Windows environment that interfaces to field instrumentation and control devices through API tools, HMI software, OPC, or device drivers. Watchdog and automatic switching can be implemented to ensure the safety of the control system.

CyboCon CE and CyboCon Dragon MFA Control Instruments

CyboSoft also offers the panel-mount CyboCon CE MFA control instrument and CyboCon Dragon Micro DCS as all-in-one control product that is suitable for controlling smaller processes at the local level.

Embedded MFA Control Software

CyboSoft has embedded or integrated MFA control software in a number of popular hardware and software platforms and offer the following products:

MFA Control Toolset for LabVIEW – Standard Edition
MFA Control Toolset for LabVIEW – Professional Edition
MFA Control Toolset for LabVIEW – Motion Control Edition
MFA Control Toolbox for MATLAB – Standard Edition
MFA Control Toolbox for MATLAB – Professional Edition
CyboCon IPm for SIXNET IPm and micro IPm DCS controllers.

Embedded MFA Offered by OEM Partners

General-purpose or application-specific MFA controllers can be readily embedded and are becoming available on more and more platforms offered by various vendors supplying building controllers, single-loop controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), hybrid controllers, process automation controllers (PAC), motion control devices, control software, and distributed control systems (DCS).

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