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News Release
  - Process Control, Adaptive Control, Advanced Control  

CyboSoft Introduces MFA XRT Controller to Control
Exothermal Reactor Temperature

CyboSoft to present CyboCon 6.80 Professional Edition at ISA Expo 2006

August 30, 2006 - CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group Inc., (Rancho Cordova, California), the developer of Model-Free Adaptive control technology, today introduced a new Model-Free Adaptive controller - the MFA XRT controller to control the temperature of exothermal reactors.

Reactors are major operating units in the chemical industry and reactor temperature control is an industry-wide problem. Most reactor temperature loops are either poorly controlled with PID or manually controlled. This new MFA innovation can have a big impact to the chemical industry and enable the users to achieve safer operations, higher product quality and yield.

CyboSoft CEO Dr. George Cheng said, "MFA XRT controllers have been deployed in various application sites and achieved great economic results for the customers. It's time to make this proven technology available to the entire industry."

In an exothermal reactor, the higher the temperature, the faster the chemical reaction, the more heat is generated, driving the temperature even higher. This chain reaction makes this a "run-away" process and can be dangerous if not properly controlled.

CyboSoft Director of Engineering Steve Mulkey explains: "Typically, a non-self-regulating or run-away process like this could be controlled by using a P-controller. However, when the process also includes a large time delay, it makes the process extremely difficult to control. A run-away process requires a rapid control action in order to search for a new balance point, and yet a process with a large time delay requires a patient control action. These two requirements are in conflict."

The MFA XRT controller overcomes these difficulties by providing a "smart" control signal. Its performance is demonstrated and compared with a PID controller in a real-time simulation system that is included in the CyboCon MFA control software - Professional Edition. As shown in the following trend chart, MFA XRT on the top controls this delayed "run-away" process with quick and smart movements that force the system to reach a dynamic balance. PID at bottom can't control this process no matter how it is tuned.

The development of the MFA XRT controller shows CyboSoft's continued innovation and engineering competence in its mission to make MFA the next-generation mainstream control technology to end the PID-dominated era.

About CyboSoft
CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group, Inc., is the leader in control technology serving the worldwide process control, building control, and equipment control markets. CyboSoft's patented Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control technology for automatically controlling physical processes is a major breakthrough. No other comparable technology possesses all the attributes of MFA.

CyboSoft's mission is to embed the appropriate MFA controllers in instruments, equipment, tools, software platforms, or automation systems of brand-name suppliers in targeted industries, application areas, or market segments. MFA controllers are replacing PID controllers on a very large scale and are also used for controlling those loops that are now in manual control. This revolutionary technology allows users to achieve significant advantages to better compete in this global economy.

For more information, contact: CyboSoft, 2868 Prospect Park Drive, Suite 300, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 USA. Tel: (916) 631-6313, Fax: (916) 631-6312, e-mail:, Web:
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