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MFA in Control with CyboCon

By: CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group Inc.

This 200 page Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control book was first published in 1997. The 5th Edition was published in 2007. It provides both theoretical background and practical details about process control, MFA control technology, MFA controllers, and MFA methodology.

The book explores the following topics:

  • The CyboCon product and its potential applications
  • An overview of CyboCon and basic startup instructions
  • Process control principles
  • An introduction to Model-Free Adaptive control technology
  • Procedures for using CyboCon
  • How to configure and launch different MFA controllers
  • Interfacing CyboCon with other programs and devices
  • CyboCon HS - high speed MFA control software
  • A review of control technology in use
  • The control algorithms and process models used
  • Special MFA controllers  


Part Number: CWP-BOOK
Price: $80 US Dollars.

How to Buy: Send order to CyboSoft by phone 916-631-6313 or e-mail:


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