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MFA Control Toolset for NI LabVIEW™ - Standard Edition

The MFA Control Toolset for LabVIEW software includes embedded Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) controllers for the LabVIEW environment. NI platforms include PC, PXI, FieldPoint, Compact FieldPoint and CompactRIO. In LabVIEW Real-time, MFA can run faster than one millisecond providing powerful high-speed adaptive control capability for equipment control. In the MFA Control Toolset (Standard Edition), six standard MFA VIs (Virtual Instruments) as listed in the following table can be easily selected and configured. In the Professional Edition, more special MFA VIs are included.

Standard MFA Controller VIs
Capability and Usage
Replaces PID to eliminate manual tuning.
Nonlinear MFA
Controls extremely nonlinear processes.
Controls pH processes.
SISO + Feedforward MFA
Compensates for measurable disturbances.
Anti-delay + Feedforward MFA
Controls processes with large time delays or large Tau/T Ratio.
Robust MFA
Protects the process variable from running outside defined boundaries.

What is Included: The Developers Pack is shipped with a software CD and a PC hard-key (parallel or USB). The Run-time license is shipped with a software CD and a soft-key based on the MAC address of PC, PXI, FP, or cRIO.

How to Order the MFA Control Toolset for LabVIEW software: Please contact CyboSoft or its authorized VAR, distributor, or partner. Please order related NI products through NI or its Alliance Partners. Contact CyboSoft for more info and pricing about the MFA Control Toolset – Professional Edition.

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