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CyboCon DDE/NetDDE
CyboCon software supports standard DDE and Network DDE interface. Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is a mechanism supported by Microsoft Windows operating systems that allows two programs to “talk” to each other by continuously exchanging data.

CyboCon supports both the DDE Server and the DDE Client. A DDE Source Application (or Server) provides data to a Destination Application (or Client). The configuration for conversation is done in the Destination Application. CyboCon and most HMI packages can be either the Server or Client. When a Client begins a DDE conversation with the Source Application, it must specify the following:

  • Application: The name of the Server.
  • Topic: The subject of the conversation.
  • Item: The content that allows the DDE to interface to the Server.

Using DDE, CyboCon can be easily setup to talk to a DDE Client or DDE Server such as Microsoft Excel software.

Due to the nature of the DDE interface that does not have robust data handshaking capabilities, it is recommended that DDE not be used as the primary interface method in MFA control applications that involve mission critical processes or equipment. On the other hand, DDE/NetDDE are still suitable for training, testing, lab, and simulation environment because of its ease of use and low cost.

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