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CyboCon Dragon Advanced Micro DCS

CyboCon Dragon is an Advanced Micro Distributed Control System (DCS). DCS is often referred to as the “dinosaur”; but when new technology like Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control is added to the DCS, the dinosaur can evolve into a “dragon”.

CyboCon Dragon is user-friendly, easy to install and maintain. It is an ideal control unit; light, micro, flexible, mobile, and complete. It works as a stand-alone black box, or with a keyboard and mouse, or via network from a PC. Control speed is up to 1 millisecond. Pre-loaded software provides a complete solution.

of CyboCon Dragon:

Software Included

  • Windows 2000 operating system,
  • CyboCon or CyboCon HS MFA control software,
  • CyboMax monitoring software,
  • CyboLog drivers for I/Os,
  • CyboLink HMI and OPC drivers.

Hardware Specifications

  • 700 MHz CPU or better,
  • 128 MB SRAM,
  • 1 GB flash RAM disk or 10 GB HD,
  • High resolution graphics,
  • Power: 24 VDC (8-30 VDC),
  • 8 AI, 4 AO, 16 DIOs,
  • Signal conditioning board,
  • Wiring terminals to 4-20mA/1-5V,
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet,
  • 2 serial, 1 parallel, 2 USB ports,
  • Typical size: 8”x7.5”x7.5”,
  • Operating temperature: 32-140ºF

MFA Controllers Included

  • SISO MFA to replace PID and control simple to complex processes,
  • Nonlinear MFA to control extremely nonlinear processes,
  • MIMO MFA to control multi-variable processes,
  • Anti-delay MFA to control processes with large time delays,
  • Robust MFA to force the process variable to stay within defined bounds,
  • Feedforward MFA to deal with measurable disturbances,
  • MFA pH controller to control pH processes,
  • Anti-delay MFA pH controller for pH processes with large time delays,
  • Time-Varying MFA controller for processes with large process time
    constant and delay time changes,
  • Flex-phase MFA to control open-loop oscillating processes,
  • MFA Trim Control to allow operators to manually adjust control outputs
    while MFA is in Auto mode, and
  • Standard PID, dynamic blocks, logic blocks, and other calculation blocks.


CyboCon Professional Edition software may also include these special MFA controllers:

  • MFA XRT controller to control exothermal reactor temperature that also
    has large time delays,
  • Anti-Inverse MFA controller to control processes that change signs or
    acting types, and
  • Bi-directional MFA controller to control processes with distinct behavior


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