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CyboCon pH

Model-Free Adaptive pH Control

CyboCon pH is a special CyboCon package specifically for controlling pH processes.

MFA pH controller;
Anti-delay MFA pH controller;
• Specifically designed to control pH value loops;
• Controls full pH range with high precision;
• Enables automatic control of acid or alkaline concentration;
• Easy startup and maintenance;
• Runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Windows 7, Windows 10;
• Interfaces to all major PLCs, DCSs, and HMIs;
• OPC ready;
• Applicable to all process industries.

Comparison of MFA pH and PID Control

MFA pH is able to control strong-acid-and-strong-alkaline based pH systems in the entire pH range. It is not sensitive to the shape and position variations in the Titration curve.

PID either makes the pH system oscillate near neutrality or becomes slow and sluggish away from neutrality.

Anti-delay MFA pH Controller for the pH Process with Large Time Delays

When a pH process is combined with large varying time delays as well as large inflow rates and pH changes, the difficulty of this control loop quadruples. You not only must deal with the large gain changes, but also the varying time delays. These almost "uncontrollable" processes now can be effectively controlled using the innovative Anti-delay MFA pH controller.

The Anti-delay MFA pH controller has the combined power of being predictive, adaptive, and robust. It is adaptive to compensate for the large gain changes, predictive to deal with large time delays, and robust to handle inflow changes, titration curve moves, and other uncertainties. It is easy to configure, launch, and maintain.

Clean Water is a Precious Commodity

Most process plants generate a wastewater effluent that must be neutralized prior to discharge or reuse. Consequently, pH control is needed in just about every process plant, yet a large percentage of pH loops perform poorly. Results are inferior product quality, environmental pollution, and material waste.

With ever increasing pressure to improve plant efficiency and tighter regulations in environmental protection, effective pH control is very desirable. However, implementing a pH system is like putting a puzzle together. It will only work when all the components are in place.

The pH puzzle includes effective pH probes, actuators, and controllers. While various pH probes and actuators for pH control are available, commercial adaptive pH controllers are still in demand.

MFA pH Works

The MFA pH Controllers are able to control a wide range of pH loops because its powerful adaptive capability allows it to compensate for the large nonlinear gain changes.

Big ROI (Return-On-Investment)

MFA pH controller users include a long list of Fortune 500 companies that have achieved significant economical benefits by saving chemical reagent, complying with environmental regulations, improving process efficiency, and reducing chemical forming and equipment corrosion.



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