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CyboLink ControlLogix

CyboSoft’s CyboLink for ControlLogix software allows high-speed two-way data communication between CyboCon HS and Rockwell ControlLogix PLC through its backplane. By using ProSoft’s PC56 industrial in-rack PC, the CyboCon high-speed MFA control system is seamlessly integrated with the ControlLogix system providing high-speed mission-critical control for industrial and equipment control applications. The MFA control loop update rate can reach up to 1 millisecond.

As illustrated in the following screenshot, configuration of the CyboLink for ControlLogix software is menu-driven and easy.

Customers shall purchase ControlLogix from Rockwell, PC56 from ProSoft, and CyboCon and CyboLink software from CyboSoft or its distributors.

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About PC56 In-Rack Industrial PC by ProSoft Technology

The PC56 is an industrial in-rack PC for the ControlLogix platform. Driven by a powerful 500MHz AMD processor, the module serves as a powerful platform for those applications requiring or benefiting from custom development. A direct connection to the ControlLogix backplane gives the PC56 read and write connectivity to the CLX 55XX processor data tables. This direct connection between the CLX data tables and the PC56's ability to support serial, Ethernet, ControlNet and DeviceNet serial and Ethernet communications makes the PC56 an ideal solution for today's analytical and data centric applications. The PC56 is a high-performance tool capable of supporting those needing to meet today's IT and e-commerce requirements, or simply those that need a powerful processing engine to augment their ControlLogix solution.

Download PC56 datasheet
  CyboLink Device drivers are optional add-on products to CyboCon. The hardkey for CyboCon should be “I/O Enabled” in order to support the interface program. Check with CyboSoft for a list of currently supported devices and their versions at  
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